"I got a spaceship ayo it's actually my mini van girls call it well hung I call it the son of sam, killin it, killin it..."Lyrics from one their most fierce exciting songs. Zebra Baby is successfully creating & performing sexually charged, borderline offensive, and in your face music. Too hot & too unique to classify, the band Zebra Baby formed out of the womb of Urban Outfitters, 2 co-workers, Char Johnson of Simian Mobile's Disco "Hustler" and Ali Ramos dj/mc from Oakland, California got together one day in Char's Washington Heights apartment and started recording & then quickly booking all over NYC. Their style is a healthy dose of 2 Live Crew, Beastie Boys mixed with a little bit of the Talking Heads. Zebra baby has ongoing Skype shows with the band Tim and Puma Mimi and is set to release an EP in winter through ITD.



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