italian-born london-based christian legno, aka leg- no, is an eclectic producer and describes his music as a natural high experience, combining melodic bass lines with synthetic sounds and jumping hip hop cuts to guarantee to make you move something.
he is a natural born beat maker!
at the age of fifteen, he bought a sampler and had his first impact with electronic music focusing in hip hop beats and in the collage of micro-samples. despite his passion for hip hop, he started producing techno and drum & bass.
from 1997 up to 2001, he released five techno ep with his own label teknomobilsquad and became one of the most great techno producer thanks also to his live performances and the remixes of beastie boys, mos
def and clipse.
over the years he has been putting himself to the test by experimenting ultra- syncopated rhythms and incorporating all these experiences in his sixth ep look after your own shit, a skilful synthesis of both drum & bass and techno rhythms mixed up with rap, which conveys a blast of fresh air in his style and starting up a combination with hip hop. his work becomes a foundation in european charts (throughout france, germany and spain) and remains a dance floor hit all over europe.
finally, an impressive cast of rappers and singers keeps alive the interest for dope&hope, an album with black influences that offers very little comfort from leg- no’s old-fashioned style and that sounds like his freshest work. In his project leg-no involves many world famous artists like leeroy (sain supa crew), promoe (looptroop), ghetto priest & spex mc (asian dub foundation), emo dada (singer for dj vadim) and maya azucena (singer for steven marley and bob sinclair).
at the moment leg-no is well known for his new hipster dance remixes of spank rock, dj kentaro, tricky and ludacris which have been supported by the likes of a-track, crookers, the nextmen, mowgli. as a live performer he is known for his club rocking, genre busting eclectic sets and his diversity is reflected in his broad output as a producer: from the sickest dubstep to wonky electro, wobbling house and glitchy hip hop.
his live performance represents a unique experience that has the power to astonish the crowd.


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