the point of origin of freakatronic is nebulous: are they humans? or did they came from
an unknown world to fulfil their mission on earth? somehow or other kata L., southern
strotzky, teaserlisa and tobiwan- freakatronic came to earth to save mankind from bad
music. for that reason they played countless shows all over europe, presented their
roboterfolklore and shared stage with kavinsky, busy p., justice, yelle and many more.
inspired by all these events they decided to put all their experiences on their first album:
ERROR tells about the exciting and often absurd adventures of freakatronic, like a
clubnight at „hotel shanghai“ or what happens to you after smoking „zigaretten aus
their formular of success is a timeless sound and lyrics that hit the zeitgeist.
freakatronic´s jollity and esprit is totally catching, as well as their catchy tunes: 8bit
sounds are hidden in lovingly produced and melodious sound-landscapes, while the snare
is riding on them like a devil. sometimes the songs explode all in a sudden and lead to
open ended questions.
what remains are thousands of molecules of pop and electro that fuse in the eternal
ERROR is an album that works on your „kouch“ as well as in the club! 



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