ex-friendly – the friendly ep (itd 013) 

ex-friendly is justin turford from nottingham, uk. he is not only a dj, performing at
such events as the glastonbury festival and parties everywhere: he also displays
outstanding qualities in producing & singing! his loop-based productions pay tribute
to groundbreaking acts from soul & blues to dub and electronica. deep and complex
tracks sound easy. the foundation of his beats topped with the bluesy, laidback and
brilliant sound of his voice that makes you forget anything else.

early comparisons by the press to hudson mohawke or cody chestnut aren’t wrong
but don’t cover all of his talents. he has a unique flavour and versatility of his own.
“fossil fuel” starts with a shivering melody and a short, panned vocal snip – within a
few seconds, when his voice kicks in, you get the direction this ep is going to take.
Heartfelt vocals, heavy bass and beats. the smoothest track of the ep and a great
track to get started with.
the next track “maypril” is a glitchy affair, celebrating a repetitive fx- heavy drum
groove. sub bass enriched with live violin, arpeggiated synth lines and once again
his soul-drenched lyrics.
“springin’” combines all of the qualities ex-friendly provides. the intro of the track
showcases his approach to music, a great number of drum-breaks, sampled and
merged together to create a huge fill. wonky dub and his own personal twist on soul
collide into an infectious future classic…
with forthcoming releases on yam who? imprint ‘midnight riot’ and new london
label ‘people are looking at you’, ex-friendly is on the move!
get lost in these stories about love & friendship:

1. fossil fuel
2. maypril
3. springin’


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